My Personal webpage


I worked on this project to improve my skills on web development and extend my programming knowlwdge. I used Python and Django for my site.

During the last year, I'm doing my PhD in Autonomous Underwater Vehicles, aka AUVs, and I have dive into programming since the project is a combination of Machine Learning (ML) and Computer Vision (CV). Despite how frustrating is sometimes, actually a lot lot of times, to try to understand the concepts behind ML and CV, I felled in love with programming, and with Python more specifically. I like how dynamically the language is, and how easily and fast allows for building and develop prototypes and models.

The tinkering, and learning the language all this time drove me to do something that I have never done before, to build my own website. So, I started with the basics, and since I'm a PhD student, the first steps involved a lot of research. I decided to do the website in Python, but how exactly? I found that there are a few web frameworks that Python can use, such as Flask and Django. I don't know, but I chose Django because I liked the name.

The next step was to dive into Django's documentation and see how can I deploy the portfolio website without being a nightmare. It was unexpected straightforward, from how to start a Django project and app or apps depending on the project, of course, to connect the HTML pages of the project. I learned how to use Bootstrap to style the site (quite a funny process but with tones of customisation, and use of CSS).

Finally, after almost a week of developing the site, the big moment to go alive came. I found in one article about Heroku, and I was ready to deploy the project there, but accidentally I also found that GitHub allows web hosting through GitHub pages, and it's free. So, after a bit of thought, I conclude to use GitHub as this was my first web site and need to see how can I dot it better and more dynamic to fulfil my needs and since I'm still learning Github was the best, and free, option.