My name is Ioannis and I am a 3nd year PhD student at Newcastle University, and my research is focused on developing an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) using Computer Vision and Machine Learning which would be capable of underwater intervention. My undergraduate studies were in Marine Engineering at Newcastle University and then I continued with the Master's degree in Naval Architecture.


Personal Profile

I am a PhD research at Newcastle University, and my research is focused on developing an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) using Computer Vision and Machine Learning which would be capable of underwater intervention. I am passionate about continually learning new and exciting things, and particularly things related to engineering and technology.

Work Experience

PhD Research Student

Newcastle University - Newcastle upon Tyne

October 2019 - Present

During the first year of PhD, I expanded my programming knowledge using Python. Also, I dived into Machine Learning and Computer Vision fields which I found exciting to study and really fun by doing simple projects such as creating a Dog vs Cat classifier and predicting the survivals on the Titanic disaster on Kaggle. Furthermore, the year's reward was the 3rd place that I was awarded with in PG annual Conference at Newcastle University.

Second Engineer

Minerva Marine Inc - Athens

July 2013 - September 2018

In-charge of all operations in the engine room engineers, ensuring for their personnel safety and routine duties, also planing the overall maintenance of all the machinery being in the engine room of the ship. My responsibilities include routine planning, as well as unplanned machinery maintenance, the safety of all the personnel in charge, safety and good working condition of all machinery in the engine room and the rest of the ship. Also, ensuring the proper operation of machinery to prevent oil pollution.

3rd Engineer

Minerva Marine Inc - Athens

July 2009 - November 2013

My duties as a 3rd Engineer was to perform maintenance and repairs, following the instructions of the Second Engineer. I was applying safe work practices during watchkeeping and repair/maintenance work, per superiors’ requirements and the Company’s procedures. Participating in bunkering operations, lubricants and water filling, according to the Chief and/or Second Engineer’s orders. Responsible for main and auxiliary boilers feed water chemical analysis.

Engineering Apprentice

Minerva Marine Inc - Athens

July 2009 - November 2013

As an apprentice engineer, I was responsible for writing in daily basis the Engine room log book (Pressures, temperatures from main and auxiliary machinery), also running hours of machinery and fuel tank volumes and received positive feedback for its coherency and neatness. I shadowed Chief and junior engineers in daily operations including fuel changeover procedures, troubleshooting, monitoring, maintenance and repair of machinery. Witnessed loading and offloading of cargo, bunkering of fuel oil and freshwater, fuel valves repair, assembly, leakage and injection pressure tests. Actively participated in emergency drills for marine pollution, vessel evacuation and fire on-board. Furthermore, I observed navigation practices at the bridge, including manoeuvring at port assisted by tugs and passing through the Bosporus Strait with pilot assistance.

Key Skills

  • Engineering
  • Marine Engineering
  • Naval Architecture
  • Programming
  • Python programming
  • Machine Learning
  • Computer Vision
  • TensorFlow


Newcastle University

October 2019 - Present

PhD in Engineering

I am a PhD candidate at Newcastle University funded by EPSRC. My research interests are in the areas of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles, Machine Learning, Depp Learning, and Computer Vision.

Newcastle University

September 2018 - August 2019

Master's in Naval Architecture

The course enabled me to develop my practical skills to become a technically proficient, forward-thinking Naval Architect. Furthermore, I gained the theoretical knowledge that underpins modern Naval Architectural practice. I also got hands-on expertise of specialist (CFD)software and analysis techniques to predict the performance of marine vehicles through the completion of my thesis.

Newcastle University

September 2016 - June 2018

Bachelor's in Marine Engineering

The program focuses on the engineering systems that keep a ship running, from the main propulsion engines to the auxiliary machinery.Relevant modules include: Marine Engineering, Naval Architecture, Ship Hydrodynamics, Mathematics and Statistical Analysis, Marine Engineering Design, Dynamic Modelling and Simulation.

Merchant Marine Academy of Machedonia(Greece)

September 2005 - June 2009

Bachelor's in Marine Engineering

Relevant modules include Shipping Naval Architecture, Internal Combustion Engines, Strength of Materials, Applied Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, Machine Design, Computer Science, Fuels-Lubricants, Refrigeration, Air Condition Installations, Maritime Law/Insurance. Graduated in 2009 with overall performance “EXCELLENT”. I graduated 2nd in my year and scholarship is given to me.

Certifications and further education


June 2020 - August 2020

Scientific Computing with Python

Developer Certification, representing approximately 400 hours of coursework using Python.


April 2020 - May 2020

Deep Learning Specialization

Five courses detailing the foundations of Deep Learning. Case studies covered: Deep Learning in healthcare, Deep Learning for autonomous driving, Sign language recognition, Music generation with deep Learning, Natural language processing.


January 2020 - March 2020

Machine Learning

Stanford University Machine Learning course through Coursera. Case studies on the course: Photo OCR, Recommender Systems, Anomaly Detection Syatems


Honors & Awards

SAgE Faculty PGR Conference 2020

Newcastle University

Newcastle University SAgE Faculty PGR Conference 2020 3rd place award for the project Autonomous Underwater Intervention

MSc in Naval Architecture

Newcastle University

MSc in Naval Architecture with Distinction


Newcastle University

Bachelor of Engineering in Marine Technology with First Class Honours in Marine Engineering


Autonomous Underwater Intervention

Ocober 2019 - Present

Ship Hull Optimization by using Bulbous Stern

Ocober 2018 - August 2019


October 2017 - April 2018